6th April 2018

Reading Log 1

100 metres – directed by Marcel Barrena

Movie finished: 5th April


  • Plot based on Spanish man that is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (disease resulting in nerve damage disrupting communication between the brain and the body.)
  • Ramon is married to Inma and they have one child and another on the way.
  • Told he would not be able to walk 100m metres within a year.
  • He becomes very depressed at first after being diagnosed and shuts himself away for days on end.
  • But Ramon’s goal is to complete a full ironman before MS gets the complete better of him.
  • He is trained by his father in law who he does not get along with

The inspirational film of 100 metres directed by Marcel Barrena follows the true story of Spanish man Ramon Arroyo who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his mid-thirties. Ramon is living a fine life as he and his wife are happily married and expecting a new child. Shortly after Ramon’s diagnosis, his doctor told him he would not be able to walk let alone run 100 metres within a year, but Ramon decides to make the ultimate sporting challenge – to complete a full Ironman. This gripping film follows Ramon’s journey of living a stable, happy life to undergoing treatments and training for his ironman dream.

Throughout the film, I believe that the theme of dignity is extremely prominent. 

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