12th June 2018


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“It’s a question of control and power. You use religion, you use culture, you use tradition, you use gender to keep the power, to keep control.”  – Sima Samar, Chairperson of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

Why you wouldn’t want to be a woman in Afghanistan.

Today in New Zealand, we take our freedom much for granted, even as women. Rights of voting, education, health care, being able to work and choosing when and who you marry. This thought of relative peace that we have here, is similar to what the women in Afghanistan had before their government was overthrown and the Talian Regime began. The lifestyle that these women were accustomed to was drastically changed for the worst. Afghan women now rank near or at the bottom of the majority of reasonable world rankings including life expectancy, suicide rates, health care access, education access, domestic violence and more.



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