24th May 2018

Reading Log 2

The Intouchables -Directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano 

Movie finished: May 24th

‘The Intouchables’ directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano tells the story of a wealthy and physically disabled man, Phillipe, who due to an accident requires a full-time carer. With good timing and risk-taking from both parties, he comes across and hires Senegalese, street-smart ex-con, Driss. The story follows the humour and connection between the two individuals who on the surface, would look to have nothing in common.

Phillipe and Driss come from two very different backgrounds, ethnicities and social situations. However, even though they began their relationship as two very different people with contrasting personalities and experiences, throughout the film they connect on a new level and develop a lifelong friendship.

One of the main themes that I believe the film encased was the importance of risk-taking. During Driss’ interview for the caretaker job he storms in without taking a seat and asks Phillipe to sign his paper (providing that he tried to get a job 3 separate times and could not, therefore, needing government benefits.) After the interview, Phillipe found something intriguing and challenging about Driss that he decides to give him a chance to prove himself. His rebellious spirit and lack of pity are refreshing to Phillipe as being a quadriplegic many people only feel sorry for him. Phillipe was having a discussion with his lawyer about hiring Driss when his lawyer said: “Be careful. You know guys from the suburbs have no mercy.” “That’s what I want. No mercy.” This quote illustrates the fact that Phillip is sick and tired of people always taking pity on him and treating him like a child and having Driss as his carer will be a refreshing change. Just as Phillipe was taking this risk, Driss was taking one of his own. He had absolutely no experience for working as a carer but managed to convince himself to selfishly take the unfamiliar and daunting job for the extravagant lifestyle that comes with it. Throughout the film, as the two men develop their friendship and life experiences with one another, it is proven that their risk-taking on both sides of the story was well worth it.

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