My Sister Keeper – Jodi Picoult Book Finished: 13th October We make decisions every day. Toast or cereal for breakfast? Coffee or tea? Should I give my dying sister my kidney or not? Some decisions are obviously more complex than others. In ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ written by Jodi Picoult, kidney decisions are Anna Fitzgeralds biggest […]

Hopeless Novel – author: Colleen Hoover Book finished: 25th August 17-year-old Sky is the main character in Colleen Hoover’s novel ‘Hopeless’. Sky has been homeschooled by her adopted mum Karen ever since she was adopted at 4 years old, and aside from her real Mum having died when she was little, Sky does not remember much about […]

Statement of Intent I intend to write a piece of creative writing, describing Karon Bay. I will use figuritive language and appeal to the senses of the reader, Karon Bay It is summer, late evening in the humming resort town of Karon. The bay sits full and overpopulated as the focal point for tourists to […]

Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane – Etheridge Knight Short Story finished: 13th February  ‘Hard Rock Returns to prison from the hospital for the criminally insane’ written by Etheridge Knight is a poem based on a long-term African American prisoner called Hard Rock. Hard Rock has suffered frequent physical […]

When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi Book finished: 23rd July ‘When Breath Becomes Air’  is an autobiography written by Paul Kalanithi in his final year of residency in neurological surgery, when he is diagnosed with stage-4 non-small-cell EGFR-positive lung cancer. The book carries an urgency of racing against time and having important things to say, […]

Why you wouldn’t want to be a woman in Afghanistan. Today in New Zealand, we take our freedom much for granted, even as women. Rights of voting, education, health care, being able to work and choosing when and who you marry. This thought of relative peace that we have here, is similar to what the […]

The Intouchables -Directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano  Movie finished: May 24th ‘The Intouchables’ directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano tells the story of a wealthy and physically disabled man, Phillipe, who due to an accident requires a full-time carer. With good timing and risk-taking from both parties, he comes across and hires Senegalese, […]

Introduction Paragraph one –  foreshadowing Paragraph two – narrative point of view Paragraph three – symbolism Conclusion Quotes to use: “I thought of the life I had lived until the winter of 1975 came along and changed everything. And made me what I am today.”  Baba: “There is something missing in that boy.” … “And […]

Water for Elephants Movie – Directed by Francis Lawrence Movie Finished – 21st September The plot of Water for Elephants is based around the main character Jacob at two different stages in his life. It flicks between Jacob when he is fresh out of University after his parents died and the other features him at old […]

Analyse how language features were used to capture the reader’s imagination.                                 – Amir’s narrative point of view                                                […]